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Art Pilgrims –the package of various range contemporary art projects, organized by asociation “Idėjų upė” (“The river of ideas”) and partners acting in this region. Why pilgrims? “Do not searchfor straightway to happiness, because happiness is a journey, not a destination”, talks the experienced wise men. The way to belief as well as to your soul is an endless cycle of creation, a constant approach to anunreachableaim, which is for real alwaysclose to you as of birth. Exit and return have the same meaning: it is just one of the Road sections.

Main Art Pilgrim Projects:

Šiluva Art Biennial– representative, wide-range international event, that presents works of various art areas, authors, art researchers and curators. The first biennial will take place from June 2019 to end of October in Šiluva and other historical locations of the region.

Urban Art Raseiniai is a city art festival which includes performances, artistic actions, creative workshops in non-traditional urban spaces. The festival program covers the most diverse areas of contemporary art: music, street art, theater, contemporary dance, art.

International Contemporary Music Festival in Raseiniai is the unique concerts’ cycle of such type of music in this region. The festival is organized every year in the second half of August and presents all the genres of contemporary music – improvisational, experimental music, sound art, contemporary classical music.

Art Pilgrims’ Traditions.

1. Openness.
Any idea is valuable. Everyone has the right to implement it.

2. Self-expression.
Each personality is unique. All forms of self-expression are possible.

3. Involvement.
Action is freedom. Only by participating we can change our environment.